“ For beauty all over the world “

As Morfose Kişisel Bakım ve Kozmetik Ürünleri A.Ş. (Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Inc.), we have been taking firm steps forward in the industry by reaching out to our consumers through both professional and retail channels with our motto of "making quality accessible" since day one.

We continue to lead our categories with our extended product range, quality, reliable and innovative portfolio.

We always take care to add value to the personal care and cosmetics industry by means of our organizational structure fostering innovation and development.
Pursuing our progress in both domestic and international markets unabated, we are constantly striving to win the appreciation of consumers in all the countries of operation. We continuously improve our products without compromising on quality with the belief that all consumers deserve the best.

We are delighted to help you realize your own values and feel better with our high quality products.
As one of the leading companies in our industry, always staying at the forefront of the cosmetics and personal care industry in the global market.
In the field of cosmetics in which we operate;
• Respectful to the individual and society,
• Committed to law, economic and moral values,
• Health, safety and environmentally friendly,
• Meeting the expectations of our customers, consumers and employees at the highest level.