Hair Coloring


Hair, an essential element of beauty, always requires special care as it carries the signature of your entire image. Morfose Hair Dyes offer a color range suitable for every taste with various alternative options. With specially developed formulas, they not only color your hair but also provide care during the coloring process, allowing for continuous use. The effectiveness, naturalness, and beauty of the colors provide assurance when applying to your hair without any doubt.

There are many factors that directly affect hair coloring processes. The natural color of the hair, the color and quality of the dye to be applied are crucial in the coloring process. Before the hair coloring process, the natural hair color, the current color of the hair, and the condition of the hair should be determined, and then the coloring process should be initiated. In hair coloring processes, we recommend choosing quality products to achieve the desired color without damaging the hair.

How is hair coloring done?

Hair coloring is done with the help of hair dyes, hair lighteners, oxidants, and color protectors. Hair dyes are among the most commonly used elements in hair coloring. You can achieve the desired change in your hair by coloring all or preferably a part of your hair. Hair lighteners and oxidants can be used on the entire hair or a part of it. With hair lighteners, you can lighten your hair tone and create a base for the desired hair color from your existing hair color. Color protectors help maintain the initial vibrancy of the hair color, allowing it to last longer. Color protectors ensure that the hair dye retains its freshness from the first day.