Morfose Color Hair Spray Types

Morfose Hair Color Spray helps you add vibrant color and shine to your hair by illuminating your hair with perfect colors. You can dye your hair the color you want at any time. It provides easy and practical temporary coloring without damaging the natural structure of the hair.

It is not permanent; it is easily removed from the hair. Easily washed off with shampoo. Dries quickly and does not stick. There are 9 different varieties such as Royal Black, Blue Sky, Yellow Mood, Red Crush, Majestic Silver, Dazzle Gold, Purple Fire, Ever Green, Pink Sugar.


How to Use Morfose Color Hair Spray Types?

Morfose Hair Color Spray should be shaken well before use. Spray the temporary hair coloring spray from a distance of 15-20 cm. Wait 1-2 seconds for drying. You can wash it with shampoo at any time and remove it easily.