Ossion Hair Removal Wax Types

Ossion Wax is completely safe for the skin. It removes unwanted hair from the root. This wax is recommended for hard hair. There are varieties such as Black, Azulen, Powder, Natural, Titanium.

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How to Use Ossion Hair Removal Wax Types?

Heat the wax. When the wax reaches the consistency of honey, check the temperature by hand to avoid burning your skin. Dry the area to be waxed with talcum powder and then apply the hot wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth and let it cool.

Holding the tip of the wax layer with your fingers, remove it by pulling it quickly and decisively in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth. Apply firm pressure to the waxed area with the tip of your fingers or the palm of your hand. Use Ossion Post-Epil to remove wax residue and leave the skin soft and smooth.