Ossion Premium Barber Line Hair Color Gel Series

Ossion Premium Barber Line Hair Color Gel offers a 100% natural look specially produced for men with a superior performance effect. Morfose Ossion Gel Dye, which gives natural results with its excellent gray coverage feature, nourishes and strengthens the hair with the horse chestnut extract in its content.

Its use in hair and beard is very functional. It provides the most suitable shade by equalizing your natural hair and beard color. It gives your hair shine and a vibrant look. Durable up to 28 washes.

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How to Use Ossion Premium Barber Line Hair Color Gel Series?

Box Contents

  • Gel Hair Dye 40 ml
  • Oxidant Cream 40 ml (1:1)
  • Gloves
  • Fast Application Head
  • Instructions for Use

Pierce the cap of Ossion Gel Dye by turning it upside down. Squeeze all the dye in the tube into the oxidant bottle. Close the bottle tightly and shake the dye mixture well until it is completely mixed. Remove the cap from the application bottle and replace it with the quick application cap. Apply immediately to dry hair without waiting.

Start the coloring process in the areas where the gray hair is most intense. If you want to have gray hair at the temples, apply the dye to the temples last and wash this area first. If you are going to use the dye for gray hairs on your beard, first apply it to your beard. Apply evenly up and down with the application tool. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse until the water runs clear. Apply the dye evenly all over your hair.

If the mixture is left over after application, do not store it for reuse. If you wish, for a more even distribution, massage your hair with your gloved hands to ensure absorption of the dye. After the application on the first gray hair is finished, leave Ossion Gel Dye on your hair for 5 minutes. For denser hair, leave on for 5 minutes. If you leave it on longer than the recommended time, the color result will intensify. After the time you deem sufficient, wash your hair with lukewarm water and continue rinsing until the water is clear.