Ossion Premium Barber Line Hair Gel

Ossion Red Gum Hair Gel helps you to give extraordinary shapes to the hair with its strong hold feature. It fixes the hair and does not leave any residue. Provides maximum hold and hardness to the hair.

Protects your hair from frizz in all weather conditions. It doesn’t damage your hair. Suitable for all hair types. It provides maximum hardness to the hair even on hard-to-shape hair and ensures that the shape given is permanent all day long.

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How to Use Ossion Premium Barber Line Hair Gel?

Before using hair gel, take a small amount in your hand. Taking a sufficient amount depending on the length of the hair will make your hair styling easier. Hair gel is applied evenly to the parts of the hair to be shaped. It maintains the hair form all day long. It is easily rinsed out of the hair.