Morfose Change Color Types

Morfose Change Color has a special formula that changes color with heat. It is aimed to temporarily color the hair without damaging its natural structure. It allows you to change your hair color at any time. Provides fast, easy and practical use.

Does not smudge with its fast-drying feature. Applicable on all hair colors. Easily washed off with shampoo. Ideal for daily use. Morfose Color Changing Hair Spray is specially formulated with four different options.

Morfose Color Changing Hair Spray changes; There are 4 different product options from green to blue, green to yellow, orange to yellow, purple to pink.


How to Use Morfose Change Color Types?

Morfose Color Changing Hair Spray, shake the product well before use. Spray evenly on the lock of dry hair gripped from a distance of 15- 20 cm. Comb your hair after application and then, dry with a hair dryer.