Ossion Hair Color Wax

Ossion has developed a colored wax that shapes your hair while coloring it with extraordinary colors. Ossion Hair Color Wax, thanks to its easy-to-apply formula, you can color your hair by adding texture to your hair in just one minute.

The coloring process is temporary and removes instantly after washing. It doesn’t harm or damage your hair. You can give your hair an eye-catching look with the color pigments you want. Suitable for all hair types. There are 6 types such as Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, Pink.

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How to Use Ossion Hair Color Wax?

Ossion Hair Coloring Wax is very easy to use. You can apply a sufficient amount of wax to the area you want to color your hair. We recommend using gloves during the wax application process to avoid getting it on your hands. It comes off easily with the help of shampoo in one wash.