Nox Professional Hair Color Cream

Nox Professional Hair Color Cream contains Macademia oil, argan oil, camellia oil, almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil, which provide extra care for the scalp and make the hair dye more permanent in color. It helps you achieve effective softness and shine in the hair.

100% gray hair coverage. Its creamy texture makes it easy to use. It easily penetrates the hair strands and provides color uniformity throughout the hair. Nox dye perfectly covers gray hair.


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How to Use Nox Professional Hair Color Cream?

  • Separate the hair into 4 parts and apply on the hair in the form of thin pieces.
  • After 30 minutes on the hair, slightly dilute the dye at the roots and pull the dye towards the ends.
  • For gray hair coverage, 45 minutes is the waiting time.
  • Remove the dye from the hair using the dye locking treatment series.

Put 60 ml Nox dye and 60 ml Morfose Oxidant into a plastic dye bowl and a non-metal mixer. Mix the mixture well until smooth. If there is gray hair, you can achieve excellent results by applying a mixture ratio of 1:1, if there is no gray hair, the mixture ratio of 1:1.5. 

Apply the prepared dye mixture evenly on unwashed and dry hair. The mixture should be kept for 35 minutes if there is no gray hair, but up to 45 minutes if the density of gray hair is high. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm and plenty of water. Wash the hair with color protection shampoos to achieve the perfect result in the dyeing process.